A Quick Review of 2017


My goal for 2017 was to put at least 3000 miles on my chair and not miss a day out on the trail. It was a success! My total mileage for the year was 4700, and I'm proud to say I got out there 365 days in 2017. I spent 745 hours riding this year which comes out to an average of just over two hours a day. I climbed about 130,000 feet and rode in four different states (including Hawaii!). (You can view all of my rides on my Strava profile: https://www.strava.com/athletes/4075444) I did seven marathon distances in seven days in early October (over 190 miles that week). I did some sketchy climbing of Mount Rainier in late July, and Josh and I attempted to summit Hurricane Ridge, unsuccessfully, twice in the late summer (I'll get to the top in 2018). I was a keynote speaker at the Washington State Bike Summit where they honored me with the title of Washington Bikes person of the year. I was featured in an Apple commercial which demonstrated outside access for all (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWNKM8V98cg). I met lots of great new friends on the trail, saw loads of birds, was snowed on, rained on, and sunburnt. There was one out-of-control crash (only one this year!). Went through three sets of tires, 12 sets of caster bearings, hours of tightening bolts and maintenance to keep my chair on the road, and then more hours cleaning the trail grime off the chair (I have awesome employees!). Overall it was a heck of a year, and I surpassed my own expectations. Here's to living your dream and not letting physical limitations hold you back. #thisismybike#getoutside