It is not possible for us to accomplish our mission without the support of our partners.  These businesses, organizations, and individuals have committed to joining us in our journey for a more accessible outdoors.  For questions or comments, feel free to contact Ian.

2018 Partners 


2018 Individual Partners 

Patricia Carr, Gary Weber, Theresa Brookbank, Arlyn Nelson, Sue Nelson

Chantal Karakondis, PEO Chapter HZ, Denise Smith, Judy Willott, Lori Schneider

Caroline M Smith, Leiann Niccoli, Stan Rushworth, Vickie Quenelle, John Carothers

Ian Ralston, Todd Stabelfeldt, David Westenberg, Lori Harmer, Sandra Lund Ulf

Pamela J Ehtee, Janet Engelke, Sandra Granger, Scott Martin, Ron Goldhammer

Greg Thornburg, Grace Bell, Linda Flores, Valarie Stinson, Derek Kumar

Kenny Salvini, Steve Smith, Lena Washke, Russ Woodward, Paul Cunningham

Michael Robertson, Steve Paulsen, Sandra Ruddell, Meg Paulsen, Lorene Walter

Shari Bley, 8 Bar B Motel, Peter O Casey, Linda Lee, Jamie Mason, Eric Lewis

Kim Sager-Fradkin, Diane Urbani, Phil Lusk, Pete & Annette Nesse, Amber Kirkman

Jerry & Lynn Cain, Teresa Martin, Kimberly Trenerry-Mogi, Kay Stevens

AnneMarie Worrall, Diane Williamson, Terry & Tammy Gallagher, Julie Prafke

Don Penfield, Kathy Parks, Noelle Barnes, Bonnie Larsen, Tony Lier, Joe Meyer

Cloantha Copass, Johanna Resecker-Boyd, Steve Stratton, Sheila Naismith

Cheryl Burris, Janice R Suess, Rachel Zack, Susan MacDonald, Bernie Miller

Karen Resecker-Boyd, Patrick Nagel, Kyra Humphrey, Dick Sage, Ben Boyd

Lorraine Oakes, Iris Winslow, Larry Little 

Past Partners

Become a Partner

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