Final Route (for now)


I was hoping to get this posted a couple days ago but came down with a nasty cold. I'm feeling much better and am looking forward to starting the trip on Saturday. I've had a ton of advice on how best to make my way through Washington and I have incorporated many of the suggestions into the route plan below. One significant change is my ride from Woodinville to Tukwila (previously Renton). I'm thinking about cheating a little bit on this day and riding from Woodinville to Seward Park and then having my support vehicle taxi me due West to the Duwamish trailhead.  It would be a more direct route and would allow me to finish the day on trails rather than roads. If anyone has a good way for me to get from Seward Park to the Duwamish trailhead without my support vehicle I'd love to hear it.

Saturday, August 13: Port Angeles to Anacortes

Sunday, August 14: Anacortes to Arlington

Monday, August 15: Arlington to Woodinville

Tuesday, August 16: Woodinville to Tukwila Part one

Tuesday, August 16: Woodinville to Tukwila Part two

Wednesday, August 17: Tukwila to Puyallup

Thursday, August 18: Puyallup to McKenna

Friday, August 19: McKenna to Bucoda

Saturday, August 20: Bucoda to Napavine

Sunday, August 21: Napavine to Castle Rock

Monday, August 22: Castle Rock to Woodland

Tuesday, August 23: Woodland to Portland

Huge thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with route suggestions and support. I'm beginning to feel much more confident about each section.