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“Infrastructure in general is designed around the vehicle rather than the person. There are so many alternative ways of transportation and so many places we lack the infrastructure for that to be possible.”

Washington man plans hit the road in Coeur d’Alene with his wheelchair

PORT ANGELES, Wash. – A man who gained international attention when he rode his wheelchair from Port Angeles to Portland in 2016 is preparing for a 13-day journey that will take him through the heat of eastern Washington and across the North Cascades.

Ian Mackay, who has been paralyzed from the neck down since a bike accident about 10 years ago, plans to ride his wheelchair from Coeur d’Alene to his home in Agnew, Washington, to highlight the need for wheelchair-accessible trails in Washington.

Man inspires change on cross-state wheelchair ride

SPOKANE, Wash. - From Coeur d'Alene to the Cascades, one Washington man is going the distance to prove that everyone should be able to access the outdoors. 

Wheelchair Rider Embarks on Cross-State Trip

A Port Angeles, Washington man who is advocating for more and safer open-road options for disabled travelers has begun a cross-state journey.

Ian Mackay began his trip in his motorized wheelchair in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on Sunday. He traveled the Centennial Trail to Spokane and then left for Davenport this morning [Monday].


Quadriplegic man keeps on riding, using tech to enable 475-mile trip across state

Ian Mackay was 26 years old when a bicycle accident left him with a life-changing spinal cord injury. Ten years and nearly 10,000 wheelchair miles later, Mackay is charging ahead with life as a quadriplegic, pursuing his love of the outdoors and using technology to assist along the way.

Coeur d’Alene --> Cascades --> Coast: Quadriplegic to ride electric wheelchair across Washington

Two years ago, Ian Mackay rode his electric wheelchair from Port Angeles, through Seattle and Pierce County and to Portland to raise awareness for the need for accessibility in the outdoors.

This year, he’s got a bigger mountain to climb — the North Cascades Highway.

Agnew man plans hot, steep ride in a wheelchair

An Agnew man who gained international attention when he rode his wheelchair from Port Angeles to Portland, Ore., in 2016 is preparing for a 13-day journey that will take him through the heat of Eastern Washington and across the North Cascades.


Meet the man traveling 300 miles by wheelchair for more accessible trails

Eight years ago, Ian Mackay was on a routine bike ride back from class at the University of California, Santa Cruz, when his entire life changed.

“I was going pretty quick on the bike trail back to my house — I always was a bit of a speed demon — when I hit some sand and wiped out,” Mackay told GrindTV. “I went headfirst into a tree and suffered a spinal chord injury. I broke my neck.”

Anacortes quadriplegic rides across state for a cause

He tops out at just 7 mph these days, and that's probably a good thing given what put Ian Mackay in his wheel chair.

“I hit some sand on the trail. Wiped out. Hit a tree. Broke my neck,” he said.

Mackay estimates he was going almost 40 mph on his bike 8 years ago, when he crashed and lost the use of his arms and legs.

Man traveling 300 miles by wheelchair to raise awareness for accessible trails

A disabled man is rolling his way through Washington in a power wheelchair to bring awareness to the need for more accessible trails and bike paths.

Ian Mackay embarked on the first part of his 10-day journey Saturday. He plans to travel more than 300 miles.

The route will span the entire state and use multi-use paths, trails and roadways. The trip will begin in the San Juan Islands, move down into Seattle and end in Portland.

This man is traveling 300 miles by wheelchair to push for more accessible nature trails 

Ian Mackay considers himself a cyclist and a birder a nature buff who gets lost on lush trails near his Washington state home for hours every day. 

But if popular opinion had its way, many people wouldn't expect Mackay to be able to pursue this passion. They may even assume he couldn't truly enjoy the outdoors independently. 

Rolling Through Washington: Ian Mackay’s Ride Is Coming Up

Ian Mackay is getting ready to roll later this month on his quest to traverse Washington by wheelchair and highlight the need for safe, accessible, complete connections. You can see the planning process and shoutouts to those helping make this possible on his ride blog.

Agnew quadriplegic to take long ride in wheelchair to illustrate need for accessible trails

A quadriplegic Agnew man will soon set off in his motorized wheelchair on a journey across the state to bring attention to the need for pathways accessible to disabled people, he said.

“This year, I am setting aside two weeks to go across the state of Washington,” Ian MacKay, 34, said recently at his home in Agnew where he has lived with his mother and stepfather for the last eight years.