Final Route (for now)

I was hoping to get this posted a couple days ago but came down with a nasty cold. I’m feeling much better and am looking forward to starting the trip on Saturday. I’ve had a ton of advice on how best to make my way through Washington and I have incorporated many of the suggestions into the route plan below. One significant change is my ride from Woodinville to Tukwila (previously Renton). I’m thinking about cheating a little bit on this day and riding from Woodinville to Seward Park and then having my support vehicle taxi me due West to the Duwamish trailhead.  It would be a more direct route and would allow me to finish the day on trails rather than roads. If anyone has a good way for me to get from Seward Park to the Duwamish trailhead without my support vehicle I’d love to hear it.


Saturday, August 13: Port Angeles to Anacortes

Sunday, August 14: Anacortes to Arlington

Monday, August 15: Arlington to Woodinville

Tuesday, August 16: Woodinville to Tukwila Part one

Tuesday, August 16: Woodinville to Tukwila Part two

Wednesday, August 17: Tukwila to Puyallup

Thursday, August 18: Puyallup to McKenna

Friday, August 19: McKenna to Bucoda

Saturday, August 20: Bucoda to Napavine

Sunday, August 21: Napavine to Castle Rock

Monday, August 22: Castle Rock to Woodland

Tuesday, August 23: Woodland to Portland


Huge thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with route suggestions and support. I’m beginning to feel much more confident about each section.

11 thoughts on “Final Route (for now)”

  1. Ian,
    Here is a route from Seward Park to Duwamish Trail, and a route using Dallas St through South Park that is flatter than what you have at present.
    Route chosen for least grade and most trail and greenway.
    Some challenges: On Corson St by the Georgetown playfields there is a really rough single RR track crossing. South of South Park the Duwamish Trail peters out into a dirt patch near the West Marginal Way interchange, and then its a shoulder along West Marginal for a bit before the Green River Trail starts. People who live close to Seward Park might have other ideas for over there.

    1. Ian,
      Today, I rode part of the route from Seward Park to Duwamish Trail. It’s OK for bikes, but not so great in a few areas for wheelchairs. Beacon Hill Greenway on 12th Ave S does not have curb cuts for sidewalks at intersections. 6th Ave S and S River Streets in Georgetown do not have sidewalks for parts, and the shoulders have gravel and truck parking. Your current bypass plan might be best. Or, go through Interbay, Central Waterfront on Alaskan Way, take the West Seattle Water Taxi to Seacrest Marina in West Seattle, take Alki Trail to Duwamish Trail. The Duwamish Trail has a missing link but signed route from under the WS Bridge to the trail, with one bad RR track crossing. Your trip is making me notice how non-accessible many of our streets are.

  2. You might want to consider taking a very minor detour and go through the Washington Park Arboretum. I was just there a week ago and Azalea Way is a wide, firmly packed gravel path. This would be in the area after you leave the UW and crossover south of 520.

  3. On your Sunday August 21st route you asked about the Chapman road alternate. I suggest staying on the Westside Highway to your turn on 410 to Castle Rock skipping Chapman and Gassman roads. The Westside Highway was rebuilt in 2014 in this section and has great shoulders and smooth pavement. When they were working on The Westside Highway I took the detour on Chapman, It was hilly with blind corners and no shoulder.

  4. That’s fantastic what you are doing. I hope you can help to make a change in Washington and getting more trails accessible. It’s what I’m trying to do in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    How far are you able to go on a single charge in your power chair?

    Good luck,


  5. Hi Ian!! I’m so happy our paths crossed today, I was trying so hard not to cry. I respect everything you see doing, you are amazing! I can’t wait to tell my sister about you.

  6. Hi Ian…I’m so happy & proud of your accomplishment. Been watching your journey from work at Peninsula WorkFit! : – )


  7. Thank you for this important work, Ian! You e got lots of support behind you – you rock and are inspiring others to do “something big”!

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